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wealth management

Wealth management is the art of providing options and directions to clients about their financial assets. Chris Clayton at Cornerstone Financial knows that everyone has their own comfort zone with risk and security. The wealth management he provides can lift a burden from clients who do not have the time to track their assets and guide them toward growth.


There is no onesizefitsall model to investing at Cornerstone Financial. Chris Clayton knows concepts like diversity, risk and security must be assessed according to the circumstances each client has for his or her portfolio. At Cornerstone, Clayton provides the individual service necessary for clients to feel confident their investments will serve their needs best.

life Insurance

Life insurance consists of many different types of products that provide their own advantages and disadvantages. Most people are not aware of the variety of insurance products available. Cornerstone Financial can explain what type of financial benefit that each product provides, so you can more easily decide if one of them can improve your portfolio’s longterm needs.


In his previous career at a Fortune 500 company, Chris Clayton gained valuable insight into the investment world. He brings that experience to his clients at Cornerstone Financial, offering the full spectrum of financial services, from stock investments to longterm planning. Residents in the New Orleans area trust Cornerstone to design financial plans from their portfolios.

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